Auxiliary Equipment


Additional pipe Lay System products and solutions.


  • Plet handling systems, up to 100 Te, 3 translations, 2 rotations, Stiff structure and high Accuracy
  • Monorails designed up to 2 x 25T, electrical or hydraulic, optimized height under hook,
  • Tilting Systems, 2 technologies with step-by-step system or high stroke cylinders (OD 900 mm, 12,7 m stroke) fitted with auto-lock device, both designed for synchronization,
  • Straighteners, Roller design for small rigid pipes, Track design for rigid pipes up to 18’,
  • Working Table, Moon pool hatches, can be closed around the pipe without any risk for operators, openable flaps, wide flat working area
  • Working platform, operators friendly design,
  • Pipe Routing (sheaves, top arch, chutes)

IMECA supplies fast traveling pipe loading crane in primary process of ALLSEAS’s pioneering spirit

The assembly, installation and commissioning were executed in close cooperation with Allseas under IMECA supervision

A mighty weighty historical delivery!

IMECA delivered the first elements of a contract to supply a 550-capacity pipe-laying tower, and a 3,800-t carousel

Pipe laying operation started with our two pipe-laying towers

spectacular first in the history of REEL Imeca: two towers in the same shipyard at the same time

REEL La Rochelle plant inauguration

On May 2, 2015 the IMECA REEL fitting teams moved into the brand new La Rochelle plant

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