Mass Mobile

 Motion stability and control in marine surface vessels

MMSS (Mobile Mass Stabilization System) is an Active Stabilization System and designed to stabilize all type of Vessel up to 10,000t or more on demand. MMSS is increasing drastically the stability of the Vessel from sea states 2 to 5, it can be used when the Vessel is sailing at low or high speed or when the Vessel is anchored. MMMS has better performances than traditional stabilization system, up to 95% of Roll reduction depending of sea states and Vessel characteristics. Using proven high technology to store the power, MMSS can operate without the need of high energy requested from the vessel. MMSS is also proposed as a Stand Alone Portable System that can be easily mobilized from a Vessel to another with a simple crane, and can be used on an existing Vessel

Main features:

  • Designed for new-built and refits
  • Increase comfort when vessel is anchored
  • High efficiency at any vessel speed
  • Up to 95% roll reduction
  • Compact design and easy ship-hull integration
  • No appendices outside the hull, means no drag penalty
  • Actively controlled system, therefore adaptable to ship loading and environmental conditions
  • Light power consumption thanks to supercapacitor reloaded during deceleration phases of the MMSS
  • Allow energy recovering to the vessel network
  • Reduced fuel consumption of the vessel
  • Low maintenance
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